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Board Game Design 
Bandar & The Dewaniya Dudes

The idea for creating an original board game arose from the increasing demand for Arabic board games with a local touch.
Derived by classic board game mechanics, the Bandar & The Dewaniya Dudes game relies on simplicity that everybody can enjoy.

The theme of the board game revolves around Bandar outsmarting the Dewaniya Dudes by making them go on a search frenzy all around the neighborhood. 
The game itself is a strong representation for Kuwaiti customs, riddles, and sayings. This focus is intended to entertain and educate both the younger and the older generations.
The planning, testing, and editing of the board game mechanics took about two months.
The Bandar & The Dewaniya Dudes board game is set to launch in the first quarter of 2024.
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