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What Happened to the Dudes?!

If you were following me this past year, you probably have an idea about this little project that I started called Dewaniya Dudes. This actually started as a way for me to try out this new concept called NFTs (I'm sure you heard this term being tossed around incessantly). I created more than one NFT collection, learned how to code and generate the images, and even learned what a smart contract is and how to deploy it. Little did I know, the Dewaniya Dudes project grew into a bigger brand with massive potential. Stories were being written, characters were being developed, and music was getting composed. The project grew from just selling digital tokens to creating a full fledged animated show.

Yes. It was the ultimate dream - and still is, to be perfectly honest with you.

The Dewaniya Dudes team grew from a one-person operation (me) to an amazing team of five talented individuals. Fast forward to this past summer: we decided to hit the breaks. I decided to retire the Dudes temporarily.

To tell you the truth, I was completely burned out. I spent around 8 months consistently researching, illustrating, animating, delegating, promoting, and building this project from scratch. Letting go of the Dudes (temporarily) was actually good for me both personally and professionally. I was able to take a breather and release lots of pent up creativity. I didn't know this was what I really needed - a break.

Moving forward, I know that the Dudes will make a comeback eventually, probably in a whole new look. I am more focused right now on getting the studio moving. I will also officially introduce Bandar soon. Who's Bandar, you ask? Well, let's just keep that for a later post. :)

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